Take full advantage of built-in tools and expert help. Remain relevant with Analytics and Reports. Incorporate Google search engine tools to evaluate your website design & run Google Search Console tasks to keep your website data current allowing organic visitors and returning customers to find you.

A regularly scheduled refresh of your home page and high-traffic web pages allows your audience to stay engaged. Your website can be your top resource with lots of apps, widgets & fun features that can put your biggest asset to work for you

Google Analytics

How did the marketing efforts perform (traffic), what pages do people love or leave rapidly. What adjustments should be made. Demographic and source analysis. Know your visitors and their behaviors.


Google Search Console

Formerly Webmaster Tools, run regular scans of your website (ideally before and after a sale or event, adding new products or collections) to update Google’s search engine with the most valid and up to date data on your website.


Reports & Analytics

Look for trends in visitor behavior, assess referrals, track the performance of page titles, body copy and meta data, etc...


Platform Account & Updates

As your web platform updates their admin system your account settings should be adjusted to best fit your business model. Any new functions or opportunities with a substantial implication or financial change to your monthly plan will be discussed with the website owner. 


Page & Navigation Refresh

Additional hours each month available at $35/hr
Your pages should follow your business calendar. As information becomes more or less relevant the sections of pages can be shuffled, or links to seasonal pages can be edited. These edits can be drawn out before each of the four quarters to ensure all questions are considered months in advance avoiding acute timing situations.


Visual Reset

Additional hours each month available at $55/hr
Planning a monthly or weekly image swap for high-traffic web pages sends a signals to your visitors that your business is active and growing


Monthly Performance Report

Google analysis and my observations and recommendations can be compile into a single report delivered on the first week of each month.



$295/month for the above
Available for 1 hour a month to discuss your goals and answer any questions.


also available

SEO Body Copy

$100, Evaluation & Recommendation
$50/hr, Edit descriptions
Body copy and program/service descriptions should be optimized. This is your best SEO tool. Working through your pages, making tweaks and edits on a regular basis will bring you a constant increase in organic visitors
. We recommend an SEO evaluation at least once every two years.


More Information

Call for quote
Add a MORE INFORMATION section to your pages below the main descriptions for programs/services. Branding a program using a program formula that includes bullet points and key trending terminology will help outline the main features and also allow opportunity to add personalized origin stories or quotes from staff, students and happy 'customers'. This can be added once in your theme files and coded to show-up on applicable pages in corresponding sections.