Paul Stewart-Stand heads the Omnichannel Strategic Brand Management for our clients. He works with both international and domestic brands operating in the US Market across a variety of retail product categories. Implementing software architecture and automation to help brands optimize brand position, marketing, pricing, margin, inventory, customer service and sales through Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Google and their own branded websites (i.e. Shopify & Square Platforms). More about Paul on LinkedIn.

Short List of Technology Integration Performance: Mapping data, integrating software applications and designing software architecture for clients using APIs.

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Our multidisciplinary design studio, often referred to as the creative-epicenter of the brands we represent and our own company, is run by Nik Castronova. She steers our dedication to original & contemporary design. The studio steadily presents our clients' brands to market through physical and digital spaces that tell their story and create a loyal following. More about Nik on LinkedIn.

Short List of Design Proficiency: Brand Experience/Immersion, Event/Window Display, Look Book, Product Design & Expansion, Shopify Website Design, Shopify Account Set-Up, Shopify Store Management (Shopify Partner), Square Space Website Design, Square Space Account Set-Up, Square Space Store Management (Square Space Partner), Word Press Website Design, Word Press Website Management, Word Press Conversion to Shopify or Square Space, Current Trends in Custom Coding (All coding changes are logged & vetted by the platform for longevity), Google Tool Operator, Master Photo Editor, Brand Suite Development, Marketing Plan Designer & Coordinator, Rapid Asset Builder. 

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Learn more about Nik & Paul's most adventurous expansion project on the ABOUT DESIGN page at www.StewartStand.com. Introducing, and developing a new market around Theo Stewart-Stand's concept-product was not an easy task... find out more by clicking here.

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