Creative Solutions

We've been working with artistic institutions and creative companies for over 20 years. We design & implement in-person and digital story telling for their brands. Our e-commerce & software integrations allow for smooth operations, allowing our client's to focus on the future.

excellence in the execution of business + creative strategy

Modern & Agile

We help build & maintain brand integrity, a functional digital presence, and flexible API for maximum growth potential.

unleash your e-com potential

Brand Integrity

Your visitors will return to & appreciate our thoughtful visual communication plan. You deserve more than surface aesthetic.

talent or expertise... why not both?

Work Smarter

Our expertise allow you to streamline your business, increasing the productivity of your efforts allows more time to focus elsewehere.


Interested in opening a store online? Signup for a tour of Shopify, no strings attached. We will demonstrate your options & answer all your questions.



A team organically assembled in the early 2000's at 128 Remsen Street, the St&ard Group offers over 20 years of skill demonstration. We partner with our client's dreams... we love what we do and we hope to do it for you too.

Digital Presence


A dynamic automated email integration will target your visitors based on their behaviors. Set it once and watch your business grow.


Creating a message your demographic will respond to, delivering it where they will see it. Build a community around your brand.


Start your annual marketing and communications plan today -incorporate changes in market trends and consumer behavior. Who is your target market?