Monthly monitoring of your website, its connectivity, load speed and technical performance... we can handle all this for you. We will keep your website running smooth.
You can focus elsewhere, handle customer service and manage your fulfillment needs while we focus on ensuring your website is functioning at top capacity.


Adjustments to code and current assets as Shopify makes changes to the theme. Updating plugins and apps regularly.



Check the connection between MailChimp, the required third party App and Shopify. Ensure data is being sent and received. Changes to the MailChimp policy and Shopify policy are ongoing - we will keep on top of this.


Security Scanning

Malware and virus checks will be regularly performed. Files that are affected will be removed and replaced. Adding a two-step authentication is advised to mitigate the need for expensive security scanning. 


Monthly Back-ups

Customers, orders, theme, files, assets... uploaded to your personal Google Drive, we will keep your website backed-up - if disaster strikes - got you covered.


Performance Scans

Running load speed scans on your website will ensure your message is delivered to your visitors. We will do our best to keep you loading at maximum speed, as well as continue making adjustments to increase performance.


Domain Maintenance

Domain settings need to be confirmed on a regular basis, to ensure all designated URLs are driving traffic to your website. We will alert you when services purchased will expire (SSL, etc) or when services should be added or can be cut.


Monthly Performance Report

All the data from above can be compiled into a single report delivered on the first week of each month. Track performance and look for seasonal trends we can plan for.


Meeting & Goal Setting

We are available for 30 minutes a month to discuss your goals and answer any questions.



$295/month for a 6 month minimum.
Custom quote available upon request.