Unlike Shopify Users, there is no limit or cost to the number of Collaborators you can assign to your Shopify Store. Increasing the number of Users can require a more expensive Shopify Plan, collaboration is your economical and secure solution to accessing expert help. As the Store Owner, you control the specific areas of your Shopify Account each collaborator can access. This is just another one of the many reasons we love working with Shopify.

 Step 1
• Send the Collaborator your Shopify Store Address: _______.myshopify.com
• If you need help finding it, look at your browser’s address bar when you login to your account.

Step 2
• The Collaborator will send a request to access specific areas of your Shopify Account.
• The Account Owner should receive an email notifying them of the request.

Step 3
• There are two ways to confirm a Collaborator’s access to your Shopify Account:

Option A Click the link in the email (mentioned in Step 2). If you can not find the email, try the second option, below.

Option B Login to your Shopify Account. Click the Settings Gear Icon ⚙ in the bottom left corner of your screen. This will open your Shopify Account Settings. Look through the list/menu that pops-up. Click on Users and Permissions. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a request in the Collaborators section. This is where you have the option to confirm the access, and tailor the access to the different areas of your Shopify Account.

• When you have completed the confirmation your Collaborator is able to access the areas of your Shopify Account to assist you. You can go back and change the access over time. You can also remove the access when your collaboration is complete. You can add and remove Collaborators as often as you like.

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